Peter Jennings RIP

On the phone, Peter in Rome
On the phone, Peter in Rome

Peter Jennings a tribute, from the Revd John Hughes former Vicar of St John’s Anglican Church in Harborne, Birmingham.  Read at Peter’s Funeral Mass by the Revd Antony Spencer, Associate Vicar of St John’s.

“I met Peter as a journalist when he came to interview me for an article on my appointment as Vicar of St John’s Harborne Birmingham. I saw in him a man of determination and energy.

“Over the years we became friends enjoying a common interest in football and cricket. As a staunch Aston Villa supporter he tried to persuaded me to turn my allegiance from Arsenal to Aston Villa, but failed.

“Peter was a one off. He had huge enthusiasm for life and was a superb networker, as many of you here will know. He was an excellent journalist with a nose and self-confidence for a good story, yet truth mattered to him and he was fair and honest. Peter had an opinion on most matters, which he loved to debate, and provoke a reaction, and many of these were wise observations. He was fun to be with and there was always laughter and teasing at our agreement to disagree.

“Like all of us he had his frailties as well as his great strengths. He was aware of his afflictions and open to receiving help from those he trusted, which was a mark of his humility.

“I respected Peter and loved the genuineness of his faith and his passion for the church in this country and worldwide. I was with him in times of great trial that he endured when he had a brain haemorrhage  in Bangor and was so close to death and in this  last illness which he fought more recently. He believed in the power   of God to heal and experienced this on several occasions. His faith shone through and he continued to serve the Church he loved to the end.

“He was a man who valued prayer and in a number of situations he saw significant answers. One of those answers was that he managed to get to Sarah’s wedding when it seemed impossible. I know Stella was a huge rock and support in his life and he held her, Sarah and Joseph, Borge and Malin in his heart and prayers.

“I shared his great joy in the recent appointment of Pope Francis and the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. He believed these two would make a significant contribution on the world stage.

“Peter, you fought a good fight, you have finished the race, you have kept the faith. Well done good and faithful servant.”

18th September 2013 

Update on funeral arrangements for Peter

After the Funeral Mass we extend our hospitality to you on behalf of Peter to attend a reception in the Banqueting Suite at Birmingham Council House. This is only a short distance from St Chad’s Cathedral and directions will be given during the service.

We will join you after we have laid Peter to rest at a private burial in the family grave at Erdington Abbey.

Thank you to all those who have been in touch with me and the family following Peter’s death last Tuesday.

Stella, Sarah and Joseph
16th September

It is with great sadness that I write to tell you that my husband of nearly 36 years passed away on Tuesday 10th September at 12 noon. He was 65 years old. He had been suffering from Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia and with a weakened immune system succumbed to pneumonia.

You may be reading this because in some way or other you were associated with Peter through his work as a well known Catholic journalist, broadcaster, stamp writer or PR consultant; or because you were his friend; or as a result of his many and varied interests and pursuits.

I extend a warm welcome to all who would like to attend his Funeral Mass at St Chad’s Cathedral, St Chad’s Queensway, Birmingham B4 6EU at 10.30am next Wednesday 18th September. The Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster will preside at the Funeral Mass and The Most Reverend Bernard Longley, Archbishop of Birmingham will preach.

Peter served as Press Secretary to Archbishop Vincent when he was Archbishop of Birmingham; and continued as Press Secretary to Archbishop Bernard when he came to Birmingham.

Floral tributes are welcome. Please send them to W H Scott and Son, 426 Rotton Park Road, Edgbaston Birmingham B16 0LA If you wish you may take your floral tributes home after the service to remember Peter. Any donations in lieu of flowers will go to St Chad’s Restoration fund.

Best wishes
13th September 2013